How do I describe this girl? I should have her dad or mom write this. I’d love to know all the things they have to say about Gracie. Gracie Gracie. Grace. A beautiful word for a beautiful girl. And literally…a woman. Like..she’s not a little girl anymore. I remember when she was born. All the […]


Jan 22, 2019

This session was SUCH a beautiful day in the sun with my friends. We saw fishies in the river, although I think it was just the sun reflecting in the ripples. I saw an older brother care so much for his younger one. Showed him how to smile to the camera. I saw boys who […]

Days in the sun

Nov 28, 2018

It’s this sweet soul’s birthday today. Mama to these kids, wife to this guy, and friend to countless people. Not to mention daughter, sister, cousin, and my “web MD.”   I’ll text her a picture of a spider bite and she will assure me…I will not die. She is so sweet like that. I’m so glad […]

It’s her birthday…

Nov 14, 2018

These two dear friends of ours light up our lives. Tailgates were going up around us on the Saturday morning of a home Husker game, and we were dancing around empty parking lots. Two of the most genuine, sweetest people I know, sure made some cute kids. 

Powers Family | South Downtown Lincoln

Oct 17, 2018

Have I told you she used to babysit for us, when we lived in West Point? We’d pick her up and she’d watch our 6 year old…who is now 11…which would make Andrea…a high school senior now! I almost didn’t recognize her when she, her mom, and sister came to Lincoln for her session. My […]

Andrea | West Point Senior

Oct 11, 2018

Some times in life you come across people that you don’t want to forget. Luckily for me, I come across several of these kinds of people. Jade and Pierce and their whole family for that matter are these type. Simply sweet, kind, generous, amazingly cute, and down to earth are a few words I’d use […]

Koch Wedding

Sep 27, 2018

When my cousin Amanda texted me up asking me to possibly come visit and take some photos of her husband and kiddos as a surprise, I jumped at the chance. Yes of course! See her husband, Josh, is also a photographer, and a really talented one at that. When we floated at our Grote Reunion […]

Wilcoxon Family in Yankton, SD

Aug 28, 2018

Devoted , gracious, encouraging, whole hearted and beaming are just a couple of the words Haley and Justin use to describe their relationship. Can I also add fun, welcoming, laid back, and full of life? We got COWS in the background which was very important to Haley. Justin and Haley work with them daily and […]

Haley + Justin

Aug 17, 2018

The world of fostering a child is one full of ups and downs and so many emotions we didn’t even know we had. At least that’s what I’ve heard and read from friends that foster. You give your heart away, only to have pieces of it taken with when it is time for the child […]

It’s forever now

Aug 7, 2018