My people value memories. They will print their images, hang them on their walls, click through them late at night as they fall asleep, and fall in love over and over again. 

My clients become friends. Welcome to the family.

My friends are adventurous. They don't mind tall grass, or bugs, or splashing their way through a little water. But if my friends don't want to...if they have new shoes...that's ok too. I value my friend's opinions. 

My friends are FUN and fun to be around. They bring life to rainy days, and laughter to sadness. They give the best hugs and always find a way to remind me who I am. Without even saying a thing. 

Some of my friends are easy-going and some are more anxious. I like to bring those friends some calm. And for the friends that need a pick me up...I like to bring them my energy. I like to think I bring a good balance to them all. 

Who are my clients?

COFFEE. It makes my 
world go round. 
I once gave it up to do a cleanse and it was the worst thing ever. 

These Crazy Kids

Friends! I love planning trips, events, and parties to celebrate all the good things in life. 

MUSIC + Sunsets

Love to doodle and draw

This Guy

 I'm In LOVE with what I do. What I get to do. I feel grateful every day that I get to do this. I feel like it's so cliche to say, "I grew up with a camera in my hands" but I did. And it wasn't until I had made this my profession that I heard someone say..."you should be doing what your 5 year old self would want to do." When I was 5, I had a little kodak film camera! The memories all flooded back to me. I took it to school, I took pictures of my friends, flowery bushes, and my bicycle. You know, all the cool things.  

I went to school for graphic design because that's what I felt I should do. I was good at art. Once I made the choice to do photography everything started coming together.
This is what I'm meant to do. 


This Girl

I love






Coconut flakes

That's it.
THEY ARE the worst. 

My Least Favorites

Love and Connection
HippIE Vibes
fresh air...especially warm fresh air
adventurous people
natural products
peanut butter on everything
Hot Baths
wine night with the girls
speeches at weddings
throwing parties
Earth tones
harry potter, GOT, Star Wars
all that nerdy shit
crime stories
boho and unique everything
windows down + loud music
music + concerts
beautiful sunsets
creative people
...taking photos...duh. :) 

My Favorites