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Thursday, August 20th, 2020

I’ve been giving away gift cards to Scooters coffee this week. I ALSO…have a love for local coffee shops. I don’t want to say I’m lazy but I just don’t trust myself to run around to every coffee shop I love, purchase gift cards, and then mail them out to winners. It’s just not my forte. I love Scooter’s because they are so dang convenient among other things. They are consistently GOOD. My drink of choice is a latte with almond milk, an extra shot, and 1 pump of vanilla. It’s ALWAYS good. And I go to various Scooters. So good job, all of you baristas. Fun fact…I worked at a Scooters for a little while back in the day. It was the only time in my life I was actually happy to wake up at 5 am, and I was consistently on time. See what coffee does for me? And speaking of convenient… Do you guys have this app yet? Download the Scooters app, scan it to pay and earn points and get free coffee every now and then. Totally makes my day when my $6 iced coffee is free.

I thought though, I would shout some love to my favorite local coffee shops as well.

Art Bar.

Downtown Hastings, NE. For one, Alyssa Anders, the owner, is super cool. The sign outside the door says “damn good coffee” and damn…they are right. I once had a drink called The Panther. And…it had a LOT of caffeine and it also tasted bomb. Kept me energized till at least 3 in the morning. The atmosphere is freaking sweet and every time I’m in Hastings I make an effort to sit down and work a bit. I SWEAR their spotify playlist is MY OWN. They also have select beers and wine and some fun and creative drinks if you are in the mood for something a little more than coffee.

Photo from their facebook page

MiLady Coffeehouse

in downtown Fremont, NE. The first photo I took in this place was of the tile. It’s a fresh, clean and artsy vibe with a cozy, welcoming, worn-in feeling. I don’t hang out in Fremont, but they have a stage, so I feel like live music is a thing. I know they have a few signs on the door mentioning Sunday worship. So that’s a cool thing. And Shout out to Fia and Belle, one of my favorite boutiques right across the street.

Photo from their facebook page


in University Place, Lincoln, NE. This is my neighborhood coffeeshop. Their pizzas are SO so good. I can eat one myself, so don’t go and think you are all going to split it. It’s a chill vibe with local art on the walls. They also feature live music on certain nights and wine specials. They were also doing some collabs with the LUX art gallery for some sort of couples art nights with pizza and wine. Umm…like ALL of my favs in one place.

The Mill

Any of them. All have a little different vibe but the same amazing coffee and welcoming atmosphere. I just can’t pick a favorite. The haymarket feels like home. It’s the first Mill I visited back in the college days. The Mill at Innovation Campus gives me boho industrial vibes and I’m here for it. Love to cozy up in a long booth with a pillow. The Mill also has a very cool coffee subscription I think I should jump into. Maybe you should check it out too. Wine tastings take place at several locations and Yoga and Live music frequent The Mill at Telegraph.

AHhhhh. Ok, I could go on and on and on. But, there you go, there’s a couple of my favorites. Every time I’m in a new city, you know what I’m looking up first. COFFEE SHOPS. Well, first a place to stay…THEN COFFEE.


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