Vacay Mode

Friday, May 29th, 2020

We are leaving for vacation soon. Part of me thinks…vacation?!?! In this southern accent type voice. “VAAAACATION?! Haven’t you been having a vacation? No work. Just pure time to do nothing?” And my brain is thinking F NO…this has NOT been a vacation. 

I know some of you..including myself are even thinking. Vacation? Is traveling the best right now? yes. YES it is. After thinking about it for 3 seconds. For us it is. Keeping up with all the social distancing and going from Nebraska to our airbnb to sit on a beach…might be just what we need. My brain has NOT turned off since…March? Yes. March. A lot of it has been about work. Like…what am I going to do, how can I make this the best, what can I do to serve all of you? And a lot of it has been about wtf is going on…like the normal questions you are all asking yourselves…HOW ARE we going to survive?? What is going to happen? Will we be ok? Will everyone else be ok? And on and on. Like this times a million questions and worry and grief and all the anxiety. I have it too. 

A couple of weeks ago my husband suggested it. “Hey, what if we just went to Galveston?” Like we’ve done the past two years. I’m like whatever, fine. Let’s do it. GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE! But right when work is starting to pick back up? Booking weddings, and senior photos like crazy and touching base with all the families that have postponed from the Spring it doesn’t feel like an ideal time to take a break. This is when I’m supposed to be getting BACK to work right? 

I agree. I could totally dive into all of you and spend a week at my desk doing what I love. I would LOVE that. OR…let’s just say, I turn my brain off. Push reset. Like I said, it’s been going nonstop since March. And that’s…not great. Meditation can only do so much and sometimes, we just need more than 48 hours to reset. I heard once that the average American takes 48 hours to sink into vacation mode…once they are on vacation. THAT’S two days wasted of saying “ok, now…I’m going to relax.” Why can’t we just relax? 

So while I’ve been doing “nothing” I’ve been doing everything. I’m off to push reset. My email reply is on and I’ll talk to you all on the 8th. If you are a bride in June…I’ll talk to you WHENEVER. My mind is only on for you 🙂 

I cant wait to get back to you and serve you all more and better. 

I know this vacation will look different from the past ones. BUT…I’m excited to find us again.

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