Koch Wedding

Thursday, September 27th, 2018

Some times in life you come across people that you don’t want to forget. Luckily for me, I come across several of these kinds of people. Jade and Pierce and their whole family for that matter are these type. Simply sweet, kind, generous, amazingly cute, and down to earth are a few words I’d use to describe them. Before I left for the evening, Jade squeezed me amidst a hug and said “we are so happy we found you.” Wow. They are so happy? I am so happy they found me. To get the opportunity to capture a love like their’s, if only for an engagement session and for the one day their two hearts become one, was a dream for me. I feel so lucky. Hopefully it wasn’t the last time. 

Jade and Pierce are middle school sweethearts, and once again I am the happiest gal at the ball, getting to be a part of capturing their day. A WHOLE lot of love happened. Some of my favorite parts. Jade’s first look with her dad. Jade. Yes, a favorite of mine. Like any photo with Jade was amazing, because she’s beautiful inside and out. The first look in front of the barn, even with the sun beating down on us, reading those sweet letters before they saw each other as a bride and groom were unforgettable.

I will also remember driving behind the party bus for almost an hour wondering when I was going to run out of gas. I did make it to the reception, but after I told a bridesmaid about my situation and the one gas station in town was closed, the groom’s father sent me down there after I was done with his pin number to punch into the pump (never seen anything LIKE this!) and bought my gas for me and pretty much saved my butt. I will never depend on that one gas station within 20 miles to be open ever…again. Favorite moments…like the whole day. Champagne on mainstreet in front of the Koch’s building was magical too! 

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