20 facts about me

Friday, April 6th, 2018

1.  I change my clothes several times a day. And not just from gym clothes to regular clothes but possibly twice, even three times more. I don’t know what it is, but sometimes I just put on the wrong outfit, and my Tuesday just doesn’t feel right in plaid when I should have chosen the grey cardigan. What I really should do, is get rid of the clothes I’m changing out of all the time if they make me that unhappy.

2. I drink a lot of coffee. At least one normal sized cup at breakfast. Then 16 oz. at the gym before I work out. Then usually the rest of my french press in the afternoon as I sit down to work. One day, I went overboard and got a little shaky after 3 cups, one double latte with an extra shot, and a green tea.

3. I think I’m pretty cool, based on what I think is pretty cool. I play video games, I shop, I can play rough, and I can get my nails done. I was voted ‘best all around’ in high school. Not that high school matters, but it’s the only time I’ve been given a label like that so I’m pretty sure it meant…I was cool with everybody, and will be until the end of time. I was also voted worst driver, and most gullible…but that’s in the past…

4. Cooking stresses me TF out. Must have a glass of wine and I’m forever in wonder as to why it takes me two hours to cook a 20 minute meal. I’m positive the 3 screaming children at my feet do not help the process.

5. I can draw pretty darn well. It’s something I’ve fallen out of practice with since I’m not sitting in class bored out of my mind, that I need to doodle to distract myself. When I have an extra minute of time…I’m checking my email or taking a bath and reading. #selfcare. Drawing is on my priority list this year and hopefully in a year or two I can display some pieces of art in a coffee shop or gallery somewhere.

6. I have eyeglasses and NEED them. I wear contacts a lot and really try and go as many days as I can with them in because I’m too lazy to get a proper bedtime routine in, hence why you might have seen me with irritated eyes before. #notpinkeye…or is it? I’ve had glasses since 3rd grade and my first pair was pink with a tiny little butterfly that sat on the top of my right rim. I picked them because they were different.

7. I had braces too. I was a looker back in middle school, I tell ya. I got braces in 5th grade. Got them off in 6th grade to have some permanent teeth removed, got them back on in 7th grade and finally got them off my senior year. It was pretty much the best day over.

8. If I was single…Zac Efron could be my boyfriend. I know he’s a little younger than me…but omg.

9. NOT a morning person. Just not. I’ve woke up early before and it’s awesome, if I go to bed early. Which I can’t. Anytime before midnight is too early. I mean..what’s today for if I can’t squeeze every possible piece of life out of it!? It’s currently 11:59pm!

10. I cry in every Adam Sandler movie I’ve seen. He just gets me. I’ve also had a weird crush on him since 7th grade when I listened to his CDs (yes plural) “What the hell happened to me?” and “What’s your name?” and wow…I just looked them up and I also had “Their all gonna laugh at you.” Do I even want to admit this? So weird. AND…now I’m listening to them on spotify. wow. Now it’s 5 minutes later and I’m wondering…What the hell was I thinking….

11. My first CD was Alanis Morisette, “Jagged Little Pill.” And this whole album is still amazing. Think I’l listen to this instead!

12. My favorite thing to photograph is…PEOPLE! I can’t pick a favorite type of session. It’s like picking a favorite child. I love them all in different ways and the same. It’s always the people that matter and we are all so unique and deserve the same amount of wonder and love.

13. I had to look up a prompt because I’m running out of original ideas! I volunteer at…well, no where. BUT I do try and give blood when I can. I feel pretty special being O-. It’s pretty awesome it is the universal blood type. I can give it to anyone. I also think that is why mosquitos like me more (I swell up horribly) and if vampires were real, they would probably find me really attractive. Yeah…I used to read a lot of vampire novels. I’m that girl.

14. Some things I find helpful. Meditation. Essential Oils. My Planner. Journaling. Getting some sunshine.

15. We do NOT have any pets. We’ve tried! I did not grow up with a dog and neither did my husband. We thought it would be a great idea to get a puppy that coincided with the birth of our son though! Well, NOT a great idea. We lived in the country, she wasn’t trained, she didn’t listen and she ran away. Came back 2 weeks later, and a nice farmer came to our door asking if we’d seen his dog. “Oh this dog?” We asked. When we moved to Lincoln we asked this nice farmer if he’d like her and that’s where she’s living her days now. Then we tried having a cat, also some fish, and now…we are pet free. Although I do LOVE animals! 🙂

16. If I must head to a desert island, and only take one thing, give me my music. Music while I’m in the kitchen, music while I fall asleep, music while I drive, music while I work. I have a million spotify playlists going and if there is a party…can I make the playlist please? I used to carry a mini speaker around in my purse before bluetooth speakers were a thing. Just in case. Right now I’m listening to Young Blood by Noah Kahan, I’m a fan of A LOT of different music, but some of my most played is Hozier, Lumineers, Chainsmokers, and if you want me to rap…I’ll put on Macklemore.

17. My dream job is, traveling for photography, writing a book or two…or three, fictional mostly, and being an artist. Guess I’m on the right path for those.

18. I’ll go ahead and add…if my dream wasn’t to be those things and this is an alternate universe, I fancy myself a badass detective. OR…something a little more closer to this universe, a therapist. Using natural healing, art, and essential oils to foster wellbeing in clients. MAN…can I just do EVERYTHING?!?!?

19. Bucket List Time: A couple of things I want to do before I die…are ride a tandem bicycle, and meet my birth mother. I just want to say thanks. For having me. Choosing adoption. I was born May 7th, and adopted May 11th. My parents are ah-may-zing and they’re my parents…ya know. But there was a woman, that had a choice, and gave this child a life.

20. I believe in karma. What you give out to the universe comes back to you. Your vibe attracts your tribe. That kind of thing. I’ve made mistakes. And while I never forget them, I do have to continually move forward and the next best thing I can do is be a good person. Give out some good vibes and leave a better mark. Whatever you’ve done in life, you’re not a tragedy, unless you die one, and I won’t be that person.

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  1. Sandy Blankenship says:

    Loved reading the “20 Facts about you.” I especially like the one where you would like to meet your birth mother and thank her for “choosing life” for you. You do have wonderful parents and know you were fortunate to be raised by them. They are also blessed to have you in their lives, as are we!!