be nice to my husband month day 7

Monday, November 7th, 2016

Well, look how awful I am at writing every day. I have remained mindful and I’m surprised at how my stress level has stayed down for the most part. This weekend he was so very helpful. He did hide out in the game room while my family came over, but he did help clean the house before. There were times when I was on the verge of telling him how to do something that I didn’t think he was doing “right” and I kept my mouth shut, because he was doing something and just because it wasn’t the way I would do it, doesn’t mean it was wrong. I cannot control everything, nor should I. He cleaned the house with me, he picked up movies for us to watch Friday night, he waited for me to get done working to go to the Husker party and we missed the first couple of minutes, he bought me a coffee, and he fixed the diffuser. He did a slew of other things, like paint the baby’s room and our two year old’s room, and it’s only half done. Today, we finish priming. I layed down halfway through and he finished it up, and didn’t complain at me.

If you read this…Nate, thank you.

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