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Friday, March 1st, 2019

Let’s talk project management for a moment. I would lose my mind if no one had started companies like Honeybook and Dubsado, both of which I have used in my photography business. I would have email upon email and notes upon notes in notebooks scattered about my already disorganized office. So while my desk may lay a mess some days I know all of my projects are plainly and beautifully filed in the digital shelves of Dubsado.

How do I manage keeping clients organized, sending brochures, sorting through emails, collecting questionnaires about certain sessions, which family may like this or which senior wants that, sending and signing contracts, and making it easy for payments to be collected? Dubsado. That’s how.

I write a good portion of what I need to do in my bullet journal true. Day to day to dos, and I’ve also dabbled using Trello because they have an app and it’s super easy to keep track of projects in that app. What I love about Dubsado is that I can do all of this. I have groups that I place each client/project into. Follow up, followed up, booked, date set, shoot, editing, proofs, final gallery sent, thank you, and review testimonial. <—(which I have yet to create. That reminds me!) This way, I make sure not to lose track of anyone. After getting several inquiries a day and shooting out emails, and wanting to follow up with everyone, this is key.


Did I mention you can set up automatic workflows? I have yet to fully take on this task but it’s in my line up of things to do. As far as what happens after someone contacts me, I start a new project, enter their email and name and add a brochure/proposal to their file. I type up a Hello! email or use a canned email, personalize it to that person and send it off! They read all about the session and can select which one they are interested in. This prompts them to read the contract/agreement which they can sign digitally, and that will prompt them to the invoice, which they can pay then, or later. Or pay a portion of it. DONE. Then I can email them back to find a date that works!

Let me mention that AFTER we find a date for their session, dubsado will sync with my google cal which is synced to my iphone. So…I’ll get updates on upcoming sessions and if I’ve set up a workflow I will also get notified when someone’s gallery is due, or needs attention.

Along with the brochure I love that I’ve created questionnaires so the client can tell me a little more about them as well as leave me info like their phone number and address. The brochures look amazing, too. This was one of the reasons I switched from honeybook to Dubsado. Honeybook also does brochures but I felt like my images were coming in at a lower resolution. Dubsado makes my images look crisp and clear, just how I want them. I love the fonts they use, and the ease of use in reading the brochure on the client side. It really vibes with my look.

I’ve really worked hard to customize my forms. It took a lot of care and thought to set it all up to make it…ME…and speak to my audience, but once I got it all set up, it took such a weight off and now I’m free to be more personal to my clients, more “there” for them, and create MORE awesome work.

And Dubsado isn’t just for photographers. It’s for creatives, or anyone managing multiple projects. If you want to check it out and try it out, I’d so appreciate if you used my affiliate link! 🙂

If you have any questions about my specific process on setting up your forms, or my workflow, let me know!

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