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Wednesday, April 11th, 2018

You guys. Life is grand. It’s also messy, loud, and plain crazy. Making sense of it is what I’m always searching, always striving to do. I want to use myself as an example but I don’t think my bestie will mind me quoting her as she opened the van doors as I peered in to say hi to the kiddos, my camera ready to go. “Ella is a HOT MESS today.” She said. I giggled as Ella’s hair was clearly in hot mess mode.

I helped them out of the van and we walked on down the street. I was there to photograph the youngest, who is in serious ‘mom’ mode, meaning she really wants to be with mom ALL the time, so there are a few crying ones, and I’m almost in tears when mom is jumping behind me, clapping, and dad is trying to hand her his watch to ‘be happy.’ She clearly did not want it. So we did what made little girl happy and gave her mom. That’s what it is about capturing these times in babies lives. We want them to sit all pretty in the new dress, but if she wants mom, well, let’s sit her on mom’s lap.

So even though we had one hot mess, a future model, and one seriously cute boy along for their little sister’s shoot, it made sense to get some shots of all of them. On this beautiful day, in the beautiful way they were. I just want to be at the Kroon’s house when the kids get the flour out and throw raisins everywhere someday. That…will be one hot mess shoot. Enjoy these. They are one of my favorites TO DATE.

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