How do I describe this girl? I should have her dad or mom write this. I’d love to know all the things they have to say about Gracie. Gracie Gracie. Grace. A beautiful word for a beautiful girl. And literally…a woman. Like..she’s not a little girl anymore. I remember when she was born. All the cousin’s rejoiced. A new baby to hold!! She quickly became…my favorite. DON’T TELL MY OTHER COUSINS! Ok..they might be reading this, but if you are my cousin…I don’t think you can deny that Gracie was quickly one of the lights in your life. She made you smile. She made you laugh, and she ignited creativity, smarts, and down to earth vibes to all she was around. Maybe…that’s why I loved her so much. All my cousins are my favorites by the way. Each one of you brings something amazing to our family. 

This girl though…I’m so happy you are so close to us. My kids love when you babysit…not to mention…MEEEEE! Love you so much, keep doing great things! You’re beautiful. 


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